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We Do Best Service

Offering our clients the best service to their complete satisfaction is our priority, so we don’t compromise on quality.

Car wash & Detailing Service

Complete interior and exterior detailing services by a certified detailer and car wash expert.

Car Coating Service

You will fall in love with your car once again by availing of our up-to-mark coating services.

Car Detailing Maintanence

Our maintenance plans are designed to help you keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

Odor Removal w/Ozone Biozyme

For strong offensive odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, decaying matter,

Fabric Protection

Our Automotive Fabric Protection is a water-based, fluorochemical protectant

Glass Parency Window Coating

Glass Parency is a coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability with a Super

Engine Shampooing

Engine Shampooing – Keeping a vehicle’s engine clean actually indicates

Paint Chip Repair

We now offer a quick & easy way to repair those unsightly rock paint chips that

New Vehicle Protection Package

If you recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider

Sell Your Car Package

This package will help you sell your vehicle quickly and get top dollar we realize

Headlight Restoration Service

Headlight restoration service is a three to a four-step process that cleans,

Professional grade products

If you are looking for professional-grade products, you are in the right place. We have P&S Professional

Interior Detailing

Sharpe’s Mobile Detailing is offering a comprehensive interior Step I, II, AND III correction service in

Plastic Trim Restoration

Is your plastic trim dull or faded? We can dye your plastic trim to bring back that color again and make it look new.

Paint Enhancement

Paint correction is the careful compounding and polishing of your car’s paint using a fine and skilled

Exclusive Membership Package

Weekly attention will be given to your vehicle. Your vehicle will never need a detail again.

Quick Vac

This is a great option to keep up with vehicle maintenance between your details. However, this package isn’t for

Detailed Vac & Shampoo

This is an excellent option if your vehicle needs a little extra cleaning It’s a detailed vacuum

Complete Interior

Our complete interior service includes completely cleaning and detailing the interior of your vehicle.

Hand Wash

The vehicle is hand washed and blown dry. Wheels, wheel wells, and tires arc scrubbed

Quick (Wash&Wax)

The vehicle is hand washed and blown dry. Wheels, wheel wells, and tires are scrubbed and cleaned.

Exterior Detail

You just need the outside of your vehicle detailed Then this is the package for you. This is the top-of-the-line

Ceramic Automotive Packages

With Ceramics, the car surface is protected against light marring caused by improper washing

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coaling forms a permanent bond with the surface of a vehicle that does not wash off or break down over time.

Carpet & Seat Shampooing

Carpet & Scat Shampooing/ Steam Cleaning is currently included in these packages

Ceramic Glass Treatment

GlassParency is a coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability with a

Why Choose Us

Best Car Detailing

You don’t need to worry at all because your car is in the skilled hand, and we make sure to provide you with an incomparable experience by giving your car a brand-new look.

Convenient and Reliable

Save your time and money. Say goodbye to long queues and get instant results at your doorstep.

Professional and High-Quality

Offering high-quality service, including quality products, techniques, and expertise.

Best Pricing

We provide cost-effective packages as per your requirements without compromising the quality.