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Auto Detailer
Ceramic Coating

Price :Starting at $374

Certified Ceramic Installer

We have attended training and have been certified to install ceramics for:

P&S Inspiration





How Does Ceramic Coatings Work?

The ceramic coaling forms a permanent bond with the surface of a vehicle that does not wash off or break down over time. The strength of the bond is so strong that the only way to remove the coating is through abrasions, such as machine compounding or sanding. The vehicle’s paintwork is protected by a highly durable coating that keeps the vehicle safe from all sorts of contaminants including bug splatter, tar, acid rain, and bird droppings. Ceramics can be applied in multiple layers, increasing the durability of the protective coat.

Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)


Super Hydrophobic Effect

Advanced Chemical Resistance

Weather & UV Resistance

Oxidation & Co1TOsion Resistant

Thetmal Resistance (up to 1200°C)

High Gloss Finish